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Do you need IT Support in Swansea? Do you have a business that needs to be up and running at all times? If so, then don’t hesitate to contact the team at Midgard IT- You’re probably reading this because your business is starting to feel the effects of an IT meltdown. It’s time for some help from an IT company with experience.

At Midgard IT, we offer reliable, trustworthy services tailored specifically for your business needs.  We’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again, we say confidently as we listen carefully to what you are saying and then devise a plan together tailored just for your situation.

Why Choose Midgard Care as your Managed Service Provider? 

Midgard Care is our one stop for your IT needs when it comes to making sure your systems are operational.

Our proactive systems and procedures allow us to detect issues on your systems before you are even aware there may be one. With up to date management of software, hardware and your own dedicated accounts manager.

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What is Business IT Support?



IT support can be just as important for a business as it is for an individual. It’s time to find out what we do and see how we can help you keep your systems running smoothly, so you’ll never have to worry about another meltdown again. We’re here when you need us, with the right expertise that will get any problems solved quickly-whether they are hardware or software-related. The team at Midgard IT provides remote monitoring services 24/365 with real-time updates on alerts and notifications of security breaches in order to make sure everything stays safe and secure around the clock! Call today if you are in need of business IT support in Swansea!

What You Get - Our Support Service

Focus on your Business and Leave IT to us

In just four easy steps, we can get you up and running with Midgard Care

Anti Virus

We will make sure your Microsoft software has the latest software patches installed, keeping your system more secure and efficient. We make sure that your anti-virus software and Spyware protection is kept up to date, ensuring they will keep your computer secure and free from danger. One of the major causes of virus attacks is installed but poorly maintained anti-virus software.

Telephone Support

During business hours you and your staff have direct access to our friendly technical experts via our telephone helpline or our online support service. From Issues with your machine, to needing answers to questions and explaining jargon. We are here to help.

Remote Help

Within minutes or even seconds of your call our technicians can view and operate any of your computers or servers from our control centre, saving you time and money. It is totally secure and means that we can fix most of your computer problems instantly without you having to wait for a technician to visit.

24/7 Monitoring

Our sophisticated systems constantly monitor your computers for early signs of trouble. This preventative maintenance will often find faults and fix them even before you’re aware that anything is wrong, preventing costly interruption to daily activities..

Proactive Maintenance

Our MidgardCare system will run regular housekeeping tasks and activities on your computers to ensure they are always in tip-top condition. This will help to ensure your computers continue to run as smoothly as the day they were bought.

Contract Period12 MonthsWithout Contract
The following may be Chargeable
Unlimited Telephone SupportYes
Unlimited Remote SupportYes
On-Site VisitsYes
Regular Pro-Active MaintenanceYes
24/7 MonitoringYes
Local Dedicated IT ManagerYes
Help and AdviceYesYes
Managed Anti-VirusYes
Weekly Removal of Unnecessary Temp FilesYes
Weekly Tests for DetectionYes
Software UpdatesYes
Organise Disk drive DataYes
Technical Support 09:00 to 17:00 WeekdaysYesYes
Out of Hours SupportOptionalChargeable
Printers and ScannersOptionalChargeable




IT Support for your Business

If you are looking for a qualified and professional IT support company in Swansea, you have come to the right place. The team at Midgard IT has been providing small and medium-sized businesses with professional support service for many years now, and are well known throughout the area for the business IT support package we provide. We take great pride in providing customers with cost-effective managed IT support and services that match their business requirements. Whether you need assistance with Office 365 or virus removal, be sure to contact the team at Midgard IT when you are searching for all your needs.

We have a large selection of IT services to choose from and our team take great pride in providing customers with cost-effective IT support plans. Whether you need assistance with Office 365 or virus removal, be sure to contact the team today.






Is your Business in Need of IT Support? Contact the Specialists at Midgard IT

For a range of business, IT support Swansea, be sure to contact the team at Midgard IT. We offer more than just help with your company’s computer system and network; we also provide tech advice on how you can update or improve your system for efficiency. If you need assistance with any aspect of technology for your office space, call us today!



Frequently asked questions.

Have a question? You can find the answers for the most   common questions asked by our customers.

Getting Started

Everything you’ll need to know to begin

Midgard IT follows a very strict client take on process to ensure the systems are fit for purpose and to set up all our maintenance routines. Once the take on is complete, we will go over all our findings and subsequent recommendations with the new client, advising of any deficiencies and improvements that can be made. We typically divide the recommendations into Immediate, Medium and Long Term, with some recommendations required for the systems to continue functioning.

99.9% of all issues are resolved remotely, however should an on-site visit be required, provided you are inside our geographic area, then this is included. Most issues are prevented by our weekly maintenance run.

Yes. Having an email server in your office results in having a single point of failure for the most business critical application. As we are not tied to Microsoft products we can also advise on alternative products, this includes various office suites and a choice of mail servers.

We support Windows, Mac and Linux workstations, and Windows and Linux servers.

Although our standard SLA is 4 hours from the time the call is logged, almost every support call is dealt with within the first 60 minutes. Our 24×7 server monitoring system always notifies us of critical server issues before our clients do and they are dealt with as soon as humanly possible.

This is a vitally important part of any business with local servers in-house. We offered a range of local and hosted solutions to cover both off site and rolling backups.

Yes. We have multiple Cloud solutions including hybrid (a combination of Cloud and local) options. We will go through all of them with you and find the one that best fits your company needs.

1 Year contract to start with. Year 2 onwards, it can be as little as a rolling contract with a 90 day cancellation period.

The planning and scheduling will take place within 48 hours. The actual support take on will be scheduled to avoid disruption to users as much as possible. We normally have all our remote management agents installed within 3 days. This allows us to start the take on, which consists of discovery, cleanup and documentation. This process takes on average 3 hours per PC, half day per server and half day per site for a single site less than 30 users. This process is typically done out of hours to minimise any downtime that may be required.

We typically request 48 hours’ notice to ensure we have staff available for this ad-hoc work. We work hard to ensure the user is correctly setup and the login details, printers and email signatures are installed before the user starts. That ensures that the new user feels welcome on day one.

No – all our charges our transparent and easy to understand. In the event of additional work being required outside of our contracted service, Midgard IT will always agree and sign this off with senior management prior to undertaking the work.

Midgard IT’s standard business IT support hours are between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday. If additional support hours are required, we can discuss with you and agree a suitable service and cost.


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