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A Whole Suite for Your Business IT Needs

Find out more about how Midgard Care can help support all your IT needs in your Company. Making sure your day to day running of your business is not affected by computer issues.

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Our Services Include

Business IT Support

Our Midgard Care package offers a full IT Support structure for your company. From PC maintenance to Server and Network setups. We cover a wide range of Linux, Mac, and Windows machines. We believe in Pro-Active support, so we will monitor your systems and inform you of any issues hopefully before they are noticeable by yourselves.

Off-Site Backups

Your data is some of your companies most valued assets. With our Offsite backups, we offer you a piece of mind when things go wrong. From data corruption, accidentally deleted files, and even wholesale theft or damage to physical hardware. You can rest assured that your data is secure, and available as soon as you need it. Backed up away from your premises.

Telephone Systems

Ever wanted a top of the range phone system for your business that includes multi calls, menu options, hunt groups and out of office schedules, without the price tag? We offer a wide range of services that won’t be beaten on price.


From website penetration testing, to physical access to your network. At Midgard we are able to do a full report and harden your systems to government level security. Without the government level price tag.

Website Hosting

From Domain Purchasing, Email Hosting, and DNS Settings. We are able to offer you a full stack service from the ground up custom created for your specific needs. We offer both Linux and Windows settings, and will work with you to get the most out of your websites.

Intranet Development

Having your data displayed the way you want it. Fed up of looking through hundreds of spreadsheets and reformatting them for each individual customer or issue? Our custom built bespoke systems are designed to help automate the heavy lifting of Data manipulation and delivery. From internal only, to client facing. We can help make your life easier with our bespoke services.


Our fully trained network engineers will be able to set up a secure, and fast networking system for your business. From single room offices, to cross country satellite sites. With our range of expertise, you can work from anywhere and still be connected to your internal network. Or simply want to clean up the current mess of cables currently hidden under a rug. Call us today.


Not every company needs a server and a firewall. But when you do, you will want one that works for you, and not the other way around. With our range of Linux and Windows servers, we can offer you a wide range of options and prices, suited for your individual business.


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Our Online Portal helps you keep ontop of your IT systems. Designed from the ground up by Midgard IT themselves.