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COVID-19 News and Updates from Midgard IT


Limited Returns to the Office:

If like us, you are in the process of working partly in the office, and partly at home, with a split of staff. We have several options to help you move forward and get the best options out of your work environment.
 Contact us to have a chat about Cloud Based options from Emails, to File Storage.


Working from home will become more of the normal way of life for a lot of companies. We are working on producing a wide range of articles and “How To’s” to help you get up and running. Along with tips to improve your work/life balance.

Our first “How To” is setting up your home printer to print while you are working on your Remote Desktop

Stay safe.
The Midgard Team


With over 3/4s  our clients working at full capacity from home and mobile offices, we will be rolling out further updates to our infrastructure and software to help improve the transitions. Over the weekend will see further updates to our MyMidgard software.

Stay safe.
The Midgard Team


After a busy weekend we are rolling out some new features this week to keep you all up and running. MyMidgard invites are currently being sent out to our clients to allow better control over your tickets and systems.

We are operating as normal. All servers and lines are operating at 100% with no downtime.


Midgard IT are currently operating as normal.
We are under a high demand load at the moment, setting up VPNs and Remote stations. Remote Internet phone systems, and more. Please bare with us, and we should be returning to normal response times by Monday.


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