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Networking an office

Offering a comprehensive range of network installation services. From a wireless network connecting a few machines to structured cabling using Cat 6 cable and connecting hundreds of PCs.

Our experienced engineers will install the necessary cabling and network equipment to ensure the optimum performance of your equipment.

If you want a wireless network we will advise on the type, strength and positioning of your access points, avoiding wifi blind spots and a smooth transition as you move from one area to another in the building.

Network cabling, whether it is adding a single extra point or rewiring a whole building, contact us for a free consultation and quotation. We are able to provide smart switches, POE and cabinets to complete the package.

Do you have a need to connect two buildings, speak to us. Whether you need an external weatherproof cable run between two or more buildings on your site, or in situations where it is not feasible to physically connect two buildings (over a public highway, for example), we can install and configure a secure and encrypted point to point system over a wireless connection, allowing for a seamless integration between the two buildings.

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Our fully qualified IT support team will sit down with you, and work out a plan of action for your internal network structure. Using a combination of wireless, networking cables, and even satellite dishes. We can work with you, to get the best out of your IT infrastructure.

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If you already have a system set up. We can help fine tune, and protect that structure with firewalls and security tests. Re-organising your current set up to streamline and improve your network health.

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Midgard offers a wide range of services, from internal network cabling, right the way through to modern satellite systems. Keeping up to date with modern technology so that we can offer you the best service and systems available today.

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