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GRP2614 : Transferring Calls

Here we will show you a quick “how to” for transferring a call inside the network with the grandstream GRP2614 When you answer a call. Press the “Transfer” button, and the speed dial button you wish to transfer the call to. By Default it will do this via the attentive transfer option. This means you […]

How to Set a Vacation Auto-Reply On Outlook

How to Set a Vacation Auto-Reply This step by step guide, and corresponding Video, will help walk you through how to set up your out of office, or vacation autoresponders. Start by logging into Outlook with the usual way to check your Emails

Out of Office for Microsoft Outlook.

This is a quick how to, to set up your vacation messages on Microsoft Outlook if you have an Exchange account. Using the Windows App Open the Outlook desktop app on your Windows laptop and select File. Click Automatic Replies Select Send automatic replies. Then click the checkbox near Only send during this time range. […]


This is a short little helper if you are trying to figure out why a grandstream txt file wont work.So if you are currently pulling your hair out, trying to figure out why some config files work, why sometimes even part of a config will work and then all the others stop or fail, etc. […]