How to Set a Vacation Auto-Reply On SoGo V5

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How to Set a Vacation Auto-Reply This step by step guide, and corresponding Video, will help walk you through how to set up your out of office, or vacation autoresponders. Start by logging into Sogo with the URL provided in your welcome pack with username (e.g. and password. Select Preferences cog from the top […]

How to Avoid Phishing attacks

The above Video partnered with MyKi, shows one of the ways you can protect yourself against Phishing attacks. Where you receive an Email pretending to be from someone or a company you know. There has been an Increase of this recently with the NHS Vaccine roll outs. With the increase of working from home. These […]

Connect SoGo Calendar to Outlook

This guide will walk you through the installation and configuration of Microsoft Outlook for a better integration with SOGo through the use of the CalDavSynchronizer addon. Outlook CalDav Synchronizer is an open source addon for Microsoft Windows Outlook. It synchronizes events, tasks and contacts between Microsoft Outlook and CalDAV or CardDAV servers. Supported Outlook versions […]

Add a SoGo Calendar on Thunderbird

How to set up your personal Email Calendar hosted on your Email Hosting via SoGo. This walk through will help you set up your Calendar to follow you across platforms and have access to it via your SoGo web interface. Open Thunderbird : Open Thunderbird and click the Calendar tab at the top of the […]