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Midgard is able to offer you Remote Assistance; Allowing us to fix your PC without any call outs.

Allowing us to fix your PC without any call outs.

Please Click on the link given to you by a member of the Midgard team to download the support software

M.I.C.R.A stands for Midgard IT Computer Remote Assistance.

It is important that you follow our instructions, you will be able to see us work on the machine in real time and take back control at any time.

We are able to offer the unique ability to look at software problems remotely. As long as you have internet connection, we will be able to connect to your machine, and work with you in solving some basic problems, such as E Mail set up, and installation of some software.

The M.I.C.R.A software (Midgard IT Computer Remote Assistance) allows you to show us exactly the problem you are experiencing, and allow us to talk you through and show you how to fix these problems. If you require Remote Assistance or Technical Support, please phone Midgard on 01792 477800 to log your fault, then once you have been assigned a session no.