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You can rest assured you are secured for 99.99% of attacks as we provide you the same level of security we implement ourselves.



We use our security checklists accross companies from as small as one individual, up to 1000’s of employees


Attacks detected

We dont wait for you to be attacked. Our processes and software are preemptive.

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Never have to worry about losing 400000 files with us!

We offer backup software that does incremental backups. Thats daily, weekly, and monthly. Delete something by accident a few days ago?!? we can look back and get it for you!

Malware Protection

Stop Malware at the Door.

Webroot Secure anywhere for anti-virus protection.
Every link clicked, email opened, app downloaded, and network joined is an opportunity for hackers to compromise your personal data. This plucky bit of software protects without slowing you down!

Its small, fast, and very low CPU usage makes it perfect to run in the background.

Phishing was the primary cause behind 90% of breaches in 2017. Websites, emails and other communications designed as if from reputable businesses can steal login credentials or implant malware on your device.

Browsing just got safer!

Optional DNS protection

Why worry about clicking a link if you never get to see a nasty link in the first place? Our DNS protection allows you to surf with peace of mind, that what your seeing, is what your supposed to be.


Data Recovery

Say you DO manage to delete 400,000 very important files. If you dont have our backups, your next step is toget your Data Recovery sorted.

Do not pass go, and DO NOT collect £200

Ransomware Recovery

DONT PANIC… Prevention is better than cure, but even organisations like London’s Hackney Council, Redcar council and Eurofins Scientific Forensic analysis labs have all been hit. Call us as quickly as you can and see what we can do to help.

Penetration Testing

Let us try to break in. Penetration testing, is where we test your security to see if hackers can get in to your system. From Port scanning to spoofing Emails. You’ll want us to find the holes in your security before someone else does.


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Our Online Portal helps you keep ontop of your IT systems. Designed from the ground up by Midgard IT themselves.