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This is a short little helper if you are trying to figure out why a grandstream txt file wont work.So if you are currently pulling your hair out, trying to figure out why some config files work, why sometimes even part of a config will work and then all the others stop or fail, etc. […]

DNS Made Easy. PHP. And Laravel

Over the years we’ve been generating our own internal portal ( Its seen multiple upgrades, and changes. One of the things we use it for, is a dashboard to pull in all our API’s into one place, allowing us to change 3rd party suppliers without major changes to our internal workflow. DNS MADE EASY One […]

Select2 Wire:model and Wire:click

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Wire:model not working in select2 After our last post ( HERE ) regarding livewire and select 2 issues, we recieved a question from an Arun, who was having issues with Wire:Click and Select 2.  “”” select name=”product_id” id=”product_id” wire:model=”search” > @if ($this->result->count() > 0) @foreach ($this->result as $product){{$product->name}} @endforeach @endif “”” What The Issue Is […]

LiveWire Multi-Select2 Error

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Select2 Select Livewire Issue One of the languages we use to develop systems in Midgard is PHP, and one specialty is Laravel. We have used Laravel in house since Laravel 3, and continue to promote its use. We’ve used this on several projects (see Case Studies for some examples). One of the reasons for using Laravel […]