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How to Set a Vacation Auto-Reply On SoGo V5

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How to Set a Vacation Auto-Reply This step by step guide, and corresponding Video, will help walk you through how to set up your out of office, or vacation autoresponders. Start by logging into Sogo with the URL provided in your welcome pack with username (e.g. and password. Select Preferences cog from the top […]

How to set up your SoGo Calendar in Thunderbird

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This simple How To, talks you through step by step to how to set up your SoGo Calendar in Thunderbird. This is how to set up SoGo Calendar in Thunderbird. (1) Open Thunderbird Open Thunderbird and click the Calendar tab at the top of the screen, or click the calendar icon to the right. (2) […]

How to Set Up Filters for Email In SoGo

Set up Filters on SoGo

A how to set up filters in SoGo If you want to setup filters or rules on your Midgard hosted email account, you can either do it in your mail client (Outlook or Thunderbird etc) or you can do it in SOGo, the webmail client. Creating filters in SOGo means that you only need to […]

How to Sync your SoGo Calendar into Outlook

This how to is a simple step by step guide to set up your SoGo Calendar given to you by Midgard via their Email service, and link it into your outlook Log into SOGo ( to automatically create calendar Using Caldav for Calendar in Outlook Install Outlook CalDavSynchroniser This will create a Caldav Synchroniser […]