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What is Web Hosting

Web hosting allows you to put your web pages on a server that is on 24/7 and allows your customers and visitors to always have access to your site.

Midgard is able to provide a comprehensive range of web hosting options, whether you want a fully managed service or just want a reliable space to put your web site, we can supply the correct answer to your need.


Fast. Scalable. Fully Managed

Shared Hosting

Cheapest option, you get web space to place your web site, this is suitable for low traffic web sites and small business sites where the volume of visitors is relatively low. Suitable for a static site or WordPress.


A Virtual machine server is suited to web sites where more control is required, and perhaps specialist software need to be installed. With a choice of hard drive space and RAM to suit your application. Choice of managed or unmanaged server

Dedicated Server

If your application or web site requires dedicated resources then a dedicated server is for you. Rent your own server in a data centre with multiple Internet connections and redundant power supplies, these servers are stored in a secure, state of the art data centre.

All Plans are monthly Paid in GBP

Happy Clients

Hosted with Midgard for Several Years. Always helped us when we needed them. Saved us from some real issues and I know they are in safe hands.


Everything you need is included

We will give you control, or help you set up, everything from MySQL to FTP access.

If you are having issues installing themes from the web panels, feel free to contact one of our Support Tecs to help.

Yes and no. To be honest we give you the freedom to use as much or as little as you need. We do reserve the rights to increase your bills if you start to increase the storage space beyond what would be classed as reasonable for a website.

Yes. Sometimes you just want to forward your domain to a 3rd party, but control your Emails. This is an option that you can control from our MyMidgard Portal.


Fancy hosting your own website?

If you need custom package for your website. Call us.

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Our Online Portal helps you keep on top of your IT systems. Designed from the ground up by Midgard IT themselves.


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Our Online Portal helps you keep ontop of your IT systems. Designed from the ground up by Midgard IT themselves.