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Features & Benefits

Using the same High End encryption as Government Level Businesses, you can rest assured your data will be yours alone..

Using the same High End encryption as Government Level Businesses, you can rest assured your data will be yours alone..

Not only do we offer scheduled backups, we also allow Version Control of files. If you accidentally modify a file, you can go back and look at the previous versions of the saved file and get the correct one.

We supply a web based portal to your backups. Log in and download the files you need from any device and from any location.

Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, our software will work on your Workstation, Server and everything in between.

Your data. Could you cope if you walked in one day and lost it all?

The concept of off-site data backup is not a new. However, until recently it was only within the financial reach of larger organisations; but now it is highly affordable and well worth the cost to even the smallest business. The man hours and cost involved in recovering lost data can be immense, assuming that it can be recovered at all, and can be crippling to a company of any size. Off-site backup is an insurance no company can afford to overlook.

What is Off-site Data Backup?
Off-site backup is a method of computer data backup involving the use of an off-site location as a means of securing in the event of a disaster. Traditionally, this involved the use of magnetic tapes as well as other removable storage media. Now, however, with the use of fast Internet connections, this data can be securely transmitted overnight to one of our secure data storage servers.
How Does Off-site Backup Work?
Off-site data backup works by first encrypting the data, then compressing and transmitting it to an off-site security centre. This data can then be accessed in the event of an emergency by using either the Internet or another data restore line. The software only transmits changes, so once the initial backup is complete, subsequent backups only deal with the changes in your data.

Backup operations can be performed automatically – leaving more time for more productive tasks

”Your data is protected in the event of a disaster”

You data is stored off site, so if any physical damage is done to your machines or building, including theft, your backed up data can be restored onto new machines. Getting you up and running faster.

”Cross Platform”

From Windows, to Macs to Linux. Our systems and procedures allow you to restore your data, even if the new machine has a different operating system. We don’t tie you down to one type of OS.


Added security of data-encrypted network connections, with Government Level AES-256 encryption before leaving your PC.Even the Metadata is encrypted

”Uptime for Backups”

MyBackups Datacenters are Tier-IV designed. UPS and backup diesel-generators, are set up to ensure constant power for upto 48hours during a power outage. There are redundant HVAC network, and UPS. Tier-IV is the highest availability level for any data center on the planet.

Physical Security of Backups

The physical security includes 24×7 security personnel, video surveillance, Biometric hand-geometry scanning and proximity key cards.You wont have to be worried about getting access to your data, or anyone getting access unapproved



For further information on these deals and get your data backed up and protected from as little as £1 per month!!

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