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IT Central’s Interview With Midgard

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Recently Midgard was approached to be part of an interview and software review; with IT Central Station. A community website that helps IT experts make informed decisions on software and services. In this interview, subjects such as VPNs, Firewalls, and servers. How we use them, and thoughts on pfSense software. To read this review, head […]

SSL Certification on our Websites

With modern web attacks becoming more sophisticated, its become industry standard to create secure connections for all websites. Where it was once solely used for financial transactions. SSL certification is now seen as a standard way of showing your site is secure.   To this end, Firefox and Chrome will now display any site that […]

PHP 7.1 Release.

  At the end of 2016. PHP announced that 7.1 was released. What is it, and what it means to you? Almost all websites created out in the internet are based on the PHP language. From small websites to the original Facebook (and in fact, a lot of it is still written in PHP with […]

Increase In Email Attachment Sizes

Midgard is pleased to announce that with immediate effect the maximum email file size allowed through all your mail servers is now 50MB. Important note about email attachment sizes: Attachments may become much larger than their original file sizes. This is due to the encoding employed by email servers when sending non text-based information. All […]