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Increase In Email Attachment Sizes

Midgard is pleased to announce that with immediate effect the maximum email file size allowed through all your mail servers is now 50MB.

Important note about email attachment sizes:

  • Attachments may become much larger than their original file sizes.
    • This is due to the encoding employed by email servers when sending non text-based information. All attachments are affected by this, including word processing files like .doc or .docx. This means that a file that is only 2MB on your computer’s hard drive could become significantly larger once attached to your email.
  • The receiving e-mail provider will reject an e-mail if the file size exceeds their maximum file size, which could potentially be lower than the limit imposed by Midgard.
    • If so, you will receive a bounce-back message from that e-mail provider informing you that the mail was not delivered because the attachment is too large.



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