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Your Data. Where You Are

Access your data securely from anywhere in the world. Backed up and securely stored. Our dedicated Cloud software can run across systems and countries. Dedicated storage in the UK.

For your peace of mind

Remote Working and Offsite Backups

Don’t be confined to the office. Allow your staff to work remotely. Gaining access to their documents when they need them, without any complicated new software installed on their machines. Our system “Just Works

MidgardCloud does not require sysncronisation between the PC and the cloud, so there is no delay if you move to a different PC. In addition, as the files are never on the PC or laptop, it is far more secure. MidgardCloud will work with Windows, Macs and Linux PCs as well as Android and IOS devices.


Get access to your system from outside the office with no extra setup


Encryption and security on the documents and drive


Nightly backups off site allow peace of mind that your data is secure.

What our clients say:

A plan for everyone.

Midgard Cloud

your privacy matters

Encrypted Software

Remote access may be a concern to your privacy. Our software encrypts the documents, so if you do not have the correct username and password to gain access to the drive, you will be unable to read or open any documents.

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Gain access to your documents for you and your staff anywhere in the world today.


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