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Operating from our central base in Swansea, we are able to offer a fast and efficient service to all parts of South Wales.


Using our own trained engineers we can carry out cabling installations from one cable backbone systems using fibre cable to multi-line category 5 & 6 cabling

Midgard offers its clients the complete installation package including installation, components and cable. Our skilled engineers have experience gained from the successful completion of dozens of installations.

Cabling, Email (internal and Internet), Internet access, including web browsing Faxing directly from your PC Document sharing, print sharing and automated centralised backups can all be arranged by us for your organisation.  We can also arrange a service where we can remotely provide technical support and advice and if necessary directly access your network from our offices via advanced computer control software.


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We can design your network so that all your users can be sharing your INTERNET connection even if you only have a single ISP account and single broadband connection.  This would give the facility of more than one person using the Internet or providing everybody with e-mail addresses in your organisation. If you do not have and internet connection or the required hardware then we can also arrange the relevant equipment.

As your business grows, good communication between employees is essential. You can improve efficiency by sharing information such as common files, databases and business application software over a computer network.

You can improve efficiency and reduce costs by connecting your computers and working on standardised systems, so that:

  •  staff, suppliers and customers are able to share information and get in touch more easily
  • networked access to a common database can avoid the same data being keyed multiple times, which would waste time and could result in errors
  • staff are better equipped to deal with queries and deliver a better standard of service by the sharing of customer data
  • costs are cut through sharing of peripherals such as printers, scanners, external discs and internet access


You can reduce errors and improve consistency by having all staff work from a single source of information, so that standard versions of manuals and directories can be made available, and data can be backed up from a single point on a scheduled basis, ensuring consistency.

Contracts can be carried out with very short lead times and with the flexibility to work out of normal office hours if required. Work is completed on schedule and with the minimum of disruption to existing office routines.


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Our Online Portal helps you keep ontop of your IT systems. Designed from the ground up by Midgard IT themselves.