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SSL Certification on our Websites

With modern web attacks becoming more sophisticated, its become industry standard to create secure connections for all websites. Where it was once solely used for financial transactions. SSL certification is now seen as a standard way of showing your site is secure.


To this end, Firefox and Chrome will now display any site that is not “HTTPS” as being “Not Secure”. Although your site may not need security, the fact it will now show as “Not Secure” as default may cause your customers to be weary of your validity.

To this end, Midgard are now actively pushing SSL certification (the ability to encrypt your sites traffic) to our hosted sites.


When will this happen?

We are pleased to announce that in the coming 6 weeks, we will be upgrading all our servers and creating unique SSL certifications.

What do you need to do?

  • If your site has been developed and maintained by Midgard, we will endeavor to update your website to the new system for no extra cost. We will update you when the site has moved over and do a manual check on your site for you to make sure it works across operating systems and devices, from desktops to phones.
  • If your site has not been developed and  maintained by Midgard there is a fixed cost implementing this of £20. We will run tests on your site first to make sure its compatible. If it passes both the automatic, and manual checks, we will move you over.
    • If it fails, we will inform you of this, and discuss with you the options available.

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