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PHP 7.1 Release.


At the end of 2016. PHP announced that 7.1 was released.

What is it, and what it means to you?

Almost all websites created out in the internet are based on the PHP language. From small websites to the original Facebook (and in fact, a lot of it is still written in PHP with their own created language sitting on top.). PHP translates code, into something your web browser can understand. It does all the heavy lifting and moving for most sites. If you have a website, chances are, its written with PHP.

PHP 7 is a huge update to this code. What this means for you, is a huge speed increase on how fast our servers can hand over the websites to  your customers browsers. This update also fixes a large amount of security issues.

If you want to read more about PHP 7.1 please follow this link

We wont go into the indepth discussions of what PHP 7 can now do (including the awesome strict rules….) but lets just say, that our developers are loving it.

When will this happen?

We are pleased to announce that in the coming 6 weeks, we will be migrating all our servers over to the new ones.

What do you need to do?

  • If your site has been developed and/or maintained by Midgard, we will endeavor to update your code to the new system for no extra cost. We will update you when the site has moved over and do a manual check on your site for you to make sure it works accross operating systems and devices, from desktops to phones.
  • If your site has not been developed and/or maintained by Midgard, we will run tests on your site first to make sure its compatible. If it passes both the automatic, and manual checks, we will move you over.
    • If it fails, we will inform you of this, and discuss with you the options available.




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