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Llansamlet IT support with Onsite Help

No matter if you are a sole trader, or a multi-national company, we can help. Midgard has no minimum limits when it comes to our IT support, so if you have a single Laptop, or dedicated servers around the UK. We can help. We have introduced our FREE Tech Support level which means that once you sign up as a client of ours. We will do our best to help you on basic questions, and tips where we can, for NO charge. We believe in giving back to the community, and we also know how daunting PC Support, and information can be. So feel free to sign up and give us an Email, and we will answer as quickly as possible.

Please be aware, that although this is free support. Its only Level 1 support, and any Level 2 or higher is chargeable.

Level 1 support includes basic questions, and help i.e your not sure what type of PC you need to run a bit of software. Or how do you do “X” on Emails. Or “Is this a spam email?” are all things we class as level 1. Level 2 would be things like :”My PC has a virus. Can you look at it?” or anything involving remote access, changing hardware/software, or anything we may be requested to do, or you are unable to do. We will inform you if its a Level 1 or above before we commence the task..


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Our Online Portal helps you keep ontop of your IT systems. Designed from the ground up by Midgard IT themselves.