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Running a business is expensive. We dont want to add to your costs. We want to SAVE you money. Sometimes all you need is a quick bit of advice, or a simple question answered. So we have opened up our level 1 tech support to everyone. All you have to do, is register as a client of ours, so we can assign support. If we can help you over the phone or via email quickly, or even just answer a technical question or have a general IT question (Should you buy Office 365, or use Google docs?) . We wont charge you.


MyMidgard Support

MyMidgard is the client system we operate, which contains an ever growing “Help” section. As a registered client of ours, you gain full access to our help documentations and FAQ. If you cant find your answer, feel free to open a ticket, or contact us directly.

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Face to Face Support

Sometimes you need a face to face. We welcome people to call in to our offices for a quick chat, discuss your IT related issues, and have a cup of coffee.

How this works

Getting started with MidgardCare

Use the registration form below to submit your details to Midgard. Once we have your registration form; an account will be set up on our MyMidgard system

You will receive a welcome Email from us. Log in, and track your tickets/issues. Log into MyMidgard account. You will have access to your details and the ticketing system.

Feel free to phone us, submit a ticket, or drop us an Email, and if we can help and offer advice, we will do so free of charge.

If the issue can not be solved quickly by an engineer, we will offer you the option to raise it to tier 2 support. If you are not on contract this will be a billable cost. We can take payment online.

Call outs are not covered by the free cover and are chargable

Before you call

Before you can take advantage of this free help service.

Setup Your Business

Fill out the form below and await for your username and password to be submitted.


Connect into MyMidgard and make sure your details are correct.

Contact us

Once you are registered, you will be able to call us on our standard lines or Emails. Advice and Tier 1 support is FREE

Join MidgardCare Today.

Please fill out the form below to request access to our FREE support

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