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Add a SoGo Calendar on Thunderbird

How to set up your personal Email Calendar hosted on your Email Hosting via SoGo. This walk through will help you set up your Calendar to follow you across platforms and have access to it via your SoGo web interface.

  1. Open Thunderbird : Open Thunderbird and click the Calendar tab at the top of the screen, or click the calendar icon to the right.

(2) Create a new Calendar

Right click on an existing calendar and select New Calendar… in the menu that appears.

Go to the calendar tab in Thunderbird

(3) Select where your calendar is stored

Select On the network and click Next.

Choose on the network

(4) Open SOGo

Log in to SOGo and click on the calendar top right, click on the three dots next to the calendar you want to set up and select Links to this Calendar.

(5) Copy the CalDAV url

Copy the unique CalDAV url for your calendar and go back to Thunderbird.

(6) Configure new calendar

Select CalDAV under format and paste in the CalDAV url for Location. Click Next to continue.

Choose CalDav under format and copy in the CalDAV url

(7) Select name and colour

Enter a name for your calendar and select a colour and click Next.

Enter a name for your calendar and select a color

(8) Finish setup

Your calendar has now been created, click Finish to close.

Note: Sometimes you need to confirm your login details. Enter your email address and password when asked.

Your new calendar is now set up

(9) Create an event in SOGo

To make sure everything is set up correctly, create an event in SOGo, in the calendar you have just set up.

(10) Synchronize in Thunderbird

Go back to Thunderbird and click Synchronize in the top left corner.

Click synchronize in the top left corner

(11) All done!

The event you just created in SOGo should now appear in your calendar in Thunderbird. If the calendar doesn’t sync properly, please check your settings and try again.

The event you created in Webmail is now visible in Thunderbird

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