Tech Tip – Save Your Passwords Securely on Mobile Devices

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March 7, 2019
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If you’d like to be able to save all your login credentials in a secure and safe manner on your mobile device, an app like the ‘LastPass’ password manager may prove very helpful.  It’s one of many such apps, but it’s been rated highly.

LastPass is a ‘freemium’ model password manager that stores encrypted passwords online. 

– Download the LastPass Mobile App from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

– Follow the app instructions.

– Log in with the same LastPass account to sync data between devices, or you can swipe into the LastPass app with your fingerprint for extra security. 

There is a built-in random password generator so all your passwords can be different.

Your passwords can be stored and viewed in a secure vault and the app offers autofill, sharing of passwords securely, password auditing, and the ability to keep digital notes with the passwords for e.g. memberships, prescription etc. See for details.

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