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Tech Tip – How To Run Older Programs Using the Windows 10/11 Compatibility Mode

If you’d like to run favourite but no longer compatible versions of older programs, apps, and games (legacy software) on Windows 10/11, try using ‘Compatibility Mode’.  Here’s how.

To enable legacy software that worked on old versions of Windows on your current Windows 10/11:

– In the search box on the taskbar, type the name of the program or app you want.

– Select and hold (or right-click) it, and then select ‘Open file location’.

– Select and hold (or right-click) the program file, select ‘Properties’, and then select the ‘Compatibility’ tab.

– Tick the box for “run this program in compatibility mode for” and select the old version of Windows from the dropdown list.  You can run the ‘Compatibility Troubleshooter’ first if you wish.


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