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Tech Tip – How To Disable Ad Tracking In Windows 10

Although many websites say they rely upon ad-revenue to provide free content, and some ads can be relevant, as web users we may still feel uneasy about allowing our online behaviour to become tracked, and too many ‘interest-based’ targeted adverts can be annoying and disruptive.  There is an easy way in Windows 10 to disable advertising ID/‘interest based’ adverts.  Here’s how:

– In Windows search (bottom left), type ‘Privacy’ and Go to ‘Privacy Settings’.

– In the ‘General’ section on the right-hand side of the window, turn off the first option relating to your advertising ID. – For a higher level of ad blocking, go to the Microsoft Privacy Ad Settings page and disable interest-based ads on the browser, Windows and Microsoft account level. This should prevent your online behaviour from being tracked by marketers but will still enable you to see some generic adverts.


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