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Tech Tip – Encrypting Documents Stored on Google Drive

If you use Google Drive to store files in the cloud but worried that Google doesn’t provide a true password protection feature, you may want to encrypt your files before uploading them.  Here’s how:

If you have Microsoft Office on your PC, it has a built-in encryption feature.

 – Go to: File > Protect Document > Encrypt with Password.

 – Upload the file to Google Docs.

 – Google can’t read the file, but it can be downloaded and opened on any PC with Microsoft Office Installed (using the password).

 – If you don’t have Microsoft Office, you could use Boxcryptor.  This is free for syncing one cloud storage service between two PCs.

 – Install Boxcryptor (see

 – Enable Google Drive in Boxcryptor’s settings.

 – Access Boxcryptor from Windows Explorer’s sidebar.

 – Go to: Boxcryptor > Encrypt option, and watch the checkbox turn green.

The encrypted files will then be placed in Google Drive, but won’t be accessible unless you have Boxcryptor installed and logged in.

If you’re looking for a solution that’s free and can be used with any cloud storage service and any device, you may want to try Veracrypt (for Windows, macOS, and Linux).  It creates an encrypted container where you can store files you want and put them anywhere for safe keeping.

 – Install Veracrypt (see

 – Create a new encrypted file container within your Google Drive folder.

 – Reach that file from Veracrypt’s main window (it will show as if it were an external hard drive).

 – Drag your sensitive files there and unmount the volume. You will need Veracrypt installed on any PC to access the documents inside that container.


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