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Tech Tip – 3 Top Google Maps Tricks To Try

The Google Maps mobile app now has many useful and surprising features. Here are 3 top Google Maps tips you may like to try:

1. Remember Where You Parked

– When using Google Maps on Android, on reaching your destination, tap the blue location dot.

– Select ‘Save your parking,’ which adds a label to the Maps app, identifying where you parked.

– Tap that to add details e.g., car park level, or amount of time left before a meter expires (you can also set meter reminders or add a photo).

– To find your car later, tap the search bar up top and select ‘Parking location.’

– For iOS, tap the little blue location dot when you arrive, in the pop-up, tap ‘Set as parking location.’

– In the app, a ‘P’ icon will appear alongside a note that says, “You parked near here.”

2. Add Multiple Locations e.g., If You Have Several Stops To Make

– In the Google Maps mobile app, enter your starting point and your ultimate destination.

– Click the three dots (top-right).

– Select and click on “Add stop” and add details of the next stop on your route.

– Different stops can be dragged and dropped within your itinerary.

3. Measure Any Distance

– Right-click on a point on the map.

– Select ‘Measure distance’ from the list. A dot and a black line will appear.

– Click anywhere else on the map, and the distance between the points will be calculated (multiple points on a route can be added and the total distance calculated).


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