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An Apple Byte : Apple To Allow Retro Console Game Emulators On App Store Globally

As part of its compliance with EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) rules, Apple has announced a change in its App Store rules to allow emulators for retro console games globally. The change allows an option for downloading the titles, but Apple has warned the developers of such emulator apps that need to follow copyright rules. 

Android users already enjoy access to these types of emulators and Apple’s move to allow them via an in-app purchase mechanism could provide another welcome revenue stream. 

Following its hefty $1.9 billion fine by the EU earlier this month for restricting music-streaming app developers from sharing subscription options outside of Apple’s App Store, Apple has introduced new “Music Streaming Services Entitlements” for apps distributed in the EU. These are guidelines allowing some music streaming apps to include links, e.g. ‘buy buttons’ that go to external websites.


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