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Penspen and National Grid Metering

Penspen and National Grid, Sales Force, and More


National Grid Metering (NGM)

NGM announced that they were changing their processes and will now require an updated API system to gain access to the data needed for Penspen to do their job. Not only was NGM changing its processes, it was going to use SALESFORCE as its system to accommodate this.

Midgard and Penspen

Midgard had worked with Penspen before, helping to roll out many changes, and as an on call consultant to their own IT Departments when they required outside asitance regarding issues (Often being brought in simply to ask the right questions to the right people before they implimented processes).





Over a period of several months. We gathered data needed for the system. This system would be mission critical (dealing with Gas pipelines) and mistakes would have been costly or deadly.

We implemented from the ground up, a new system, that would hook into the batching system that NGM and Saleforce had implemented, that then converted that raw data, into the processes they were currently using. With added benefits, such as a daily Email with an attachment of new/updated jobs, emergency alerts, etc.

The Launch

The system was launched in 2019, and has worked flawlessly. Its been partly merged into their new internal IT systems, running in conjunction. With only a few tweaks, the system has kept up with the rapid changes of the Gas Pipeline systems.


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