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Tech Tip – Sort Outlook Deleted Items by Date Deleted

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted an e-mail and you can’t remember what day it was originally sent to you, and you need to track it down then this is the tip for you. Here’s how it works:

For Outlook:

  • Go to the deleted items folder
  • In the top ribbon bar, click on View tab then select View Settings
  • In the Advanced View Settings box, click on the Columns… button
  • Under Select Available columns from: choose the “Date / Time fields” drop down
  • Single click on “Modified” and select Add (to put it at the bottom of the list on the right hand side), click OK
  • Back at the first box, select “Sort…”. At the bottom drop the box down under Select Available Fields From and choose Date / Time Fields
  • At the top, drop the box down under Sort Items By and choose Modified. It should auto select “Descending”. If it doesn’t, choose it (so the most recent modified file is at the top)
  • Click on OK. Make sure your settings are now showing up and click on OK again
  • Your folder should automatically re-sort its self. If it doesn’t, just select the By Date sort option at the top of the email items header.

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