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Tech Tip – Windows 10 – Using The ‘My People’ Feature

The ‘My People’ feature in Windows 10 provides a handy way for you to access all your favourite contacts from your taskbar using the inbuilt settings and account that is linked with the email that you have used in your Windows.

Here’s how to activate the feature:

1-Check whether your taskbar has the “people” icon there or not.
2-If it’s not there, click on the “Settings” icon on your windows and then select “personalise“.
3-Click on the option taskbar and activate the option “Show contacts on the taskbar“.
4-Click on the people icon on your taskbar, and then click on the option “Get started” to make the ‘my people’ panel appear.
5-Select the apps that you want to integrate with to get the contacts (these apps will be displayed).
6-Once you have selected the account, click on “Find people and add” and then select the people you want to add to your taskbar.
7-You can then add multiple contacts in your taskbar, and also pin and unpin them from the taskbar.

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