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How to mount a WebDAV share in Windows 7

WebDav connection for Vista & Windows 7

The following instructions detail how to mount a WebDAV share in Windows 7. To mount the share you need to know the following information:

  • The URL of the share
  • Your Username
  • Your Password
  1. Open My Computer by going to Start the Computer
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  2. Left Click Computer icon to open a new window showing your existing drives. Then right-click anywhere in the blank area of the right-side pane, and choose “Add a Network Location”. Click next.
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  3. Select Next
    • 3
  4. Select Choose a Custom Network Location then click Next
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  5. Enter the URL of the network share (paste from url details given)
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  6. You will then be prompted for your Username and Password. Enter them in the appropriate fields and click OK.
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  7. Enter a Friendly name for this share. In most cases the default is sufficient
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  8. Click Finish to complete the setup. The share will then open in a new window.
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