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Select2 Select Livewire Issue One of the languages we use to develop systems in Midgard is PHP, and one specialty is Laravel. We have used Laravel in house since Laravel 3, and continue to promote its use. We’ve used this on several projects (see Case Studies for some examples). One of the reasons for using Laravel […]

Featured Article – Remote Working and Office 365

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Remote working during the pandemic has made businesses look more closely at what IT tools are best for the job.  Here is a look at what Microsoft’s Office 365 has to offer. Remote Working ONS figures show that 53 per cent of those in the information and communication industries, for example, had the opportunity to […]

Trump Terminates TikTok

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The Trump administration’s next high-profile target in its Chinese trade-war is the hugely popular video-sharing mobile app TikTok, which has been slapped with a 45-day ban in the U.S. from 20 September 2020. Executive Orders Chinese apps TikTok (from parent ByteDance) and WeChat (from parent Tencent) have received Executive Orders forbidding “any transaction by any person, […]

No More Laptops From Toshiba

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Tokyo-based Toshiba Corporation has announced that it has now transferred the remaining 19.9 per cent of its outstanding shares in its PC business (re-branded as Dynabook Inc.) to Sharp Corporation. Helped By Foxconn Back in June 2018, Japan’s Sharp Corp announced that it was buying Toshiba Corp’s personal computer business for $36 million.  The purchase made […]