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Our Charity

Each year Midgard will be raising money and donating to different charities.

This year we are proud to announce we will supporting Kids Cancer Charity.

The Kids Cancer Charity is a national charity that was set up in 1989 to support children with cancer and their families

We have worked with Kids Cancer Charity for over 20 years, and have seen first hand the wonderful things that they do.

What do Kids Cancer Charity Do?

Kids Cancer Charity is a charity aimed at helping families with young children who have cancer. Cancer does not discriminate against age and can affect the very young through to the very old. KCC works with Families to offer emotional support, care, and help. Offering different ways to help bring joy back at difficult times.

This can include emotional help, listening, through to organising holidays for the family, on-site play therapy. For more information on the charity, please visit their website

How do we support our chosen Charity?

We aim to support our chosen charities in many different ways. Many companies will put up their own fund pages, to track how much that company raises for the charity. We don’t do that at Midgard. What we do is point you directly to the charity of choice, and their own pages to raise funds.

We will have links on our website, emails, and social posts, pointing you to the correct giving pages for that charity. We will do our charity events or fundraising solely for that charity over the year. If we donate to a different charity, we will match that donation to ours. I.E we donate to the NSPCC, whatever we donate to them, we will also donate to our chosen charity.

We hope that by doing this, we are able to offer a bit of support to the charity, but also raise its profile to help it raise more in the coming years.

If you wish to donate, please click on the links below.


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