July 17, 2017

How to Mailmerge in Thunderbird

Currently, there is no built in method for performing a mail merge in Mozilla Thunderbird. Midgard IT Ltd recommends installing and using Mail Merge, a Thunderbird […]
June 30, 2017


Petrwrap, a new ransomware strain that uses the same SMBv1 worm as last month’s WannaCry outbreak, is crippling businesses, banks, airports, and utilities across Europe with […]
June 19, 2017

First Arrest Made Via Facial Recognition Technology

First Arrest Made Via Facial Recognition Technology The first arrest made using facial recognition technology took place in Cardiff two weeks ago, just days after trialing […]
February 24, 2017

Cloudflare Security Breach 2017

Cloudflare has experienced a data leak between September 2016 and February 2017 that mixed¬†sensitive data¬†between websites and visitors. A visitor to one website may have seen […]